Why your current salary is none of my business

August 2022


min read

I’m going to say something that might shock you. Your current salary? It has nothing to do with me.

I know what you’re thinking: but you’re a recruiter, John! How on earth are you going to find me a role if you don’t know what I’m currently getting paid? Are you mad? Are you under-caffeinated?

Truth time: I’m over caffeinated BUT I’m also right. I don’t need to know your current salary. What I do need to know however, is the salary you want.

When you’re searching for a new role, it’s only ever about what you want. The salary and package that you’re worthy of. If a recruiter is asking you for your current salary, you don’t have to divulge it. Expectations only. A good tip is to reply “I’m looking for between £x and £y”.

Say you’re on £50k, and the budget for the role you’d absolutely smash is £70k, then you’re worth £70k. I’m not saying everyone is worthy of a £20k jump, but do you have the skillset? Are you going to be brilliant at the job? Well… it’s probably better that I only know you’re worth £70k. Simple as.

If you’re a recruiter reading this (I know you’re out there snooping, guys, and HI! 👋), and the client asks you to collect this data when you’re talking to candidates, you don’t have to do that. It’s none of our, or their business! This is when the nuance comes in between clients wanting to know something and needing to know something.

If it helps, I’m never asked by my clients for this data. And not collecting it for myself or the client has never impeded me getting the people the package they wanted. My track record is proof enough.

Tell me what you WANT from the salary and package, and we’ll go from there.

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