I have been contracting for about 30 years and have encountered many agencies during that time. John Hawker of Global Tech Collective does have a rather unusual and very pleasant way of doing business in contrast to most others. My field is Cutover and the opportunities that John has passed my way have genuinely been well chosen and good matches to my CV, skill set and aspirations and in good quality companies. I suspect this works the other way too in that John chooses CV’s carefully to pass on to end Customers – as opposed to just flooding them with CV’s that have one or two key words in them, which many agencies do. When I have been placed in Contracts by John he has continued to take an interest in how well the contract is working out for me – rather than the almost rude disinterest that many agencies have whilst you are a convenient billing vehicle for them. I have secured multiple good quality contracts with John and will continue to use him as my preferred agent.

SAP Cutover Manager

John is professional, energetic, knowledgeable and an all-round excellent recruitment professional. And I use the term professional to highlight his rarity value in the industry he operates in. Where most recruiters search and hope, or simply treat technical skills as acronyms to google, John seeks to understand what you need. But his biggest skill from our perspective is his ability to properly listen. He listens intently to your requirements - and I assume he does the same with candidates too. John has helped us source some very, very niche skills very, very quickly. I'd recommend his services to anyone in the ERP space.

Managing Director

The great thing about Global Tech Collective is that they took time to understand our business, our clients and our people before looking for candidates for the roles we needed filling. We were given a very personal experience, unlike other similar companies. The GTC approach is to build a strong relationship based on trust, and of course finding very strong candidates – which was also achieved. I cannot recommend GTC highly enough.

Head of ConsultingManagement Consulting Firm

I have had a great experience whilst working with Global Tech Collective. The company is more like a boutique recruitment company, rather than the usual KPI led recruitment companies. John focuses on building long-lasting relationships as opposed to just filling job opportunities.

SAP Cutover Manager

What I like most about working with John is the fast and instant communication. No needless questions and repeating of information that is already stated on consultant documents. Straight forward communication is key working with John. I admire his level of professionalism and he has great industry knowledge as well as great customer service.. He not only caters for his client requirements, but he also builds and maintains regular relations with his contractors. He always makes time to discuss issues and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. John always provides precise and valuable information which enables me to provide a quality service for my client.

SAP FICO Consultant

Working with John was a fantastic experience, he has excellent people and business relations skills. John is a professional and thorough recruiter who operates with the highest integrity. I have known him for a long time now and there is not much he does not know about the SAP industry from a recruitment perspective. It’s always a pleasure hearing from John. I hope to work with him again in the future and highly recommend him as a recruitment consultant to everyone.

SAP Test Lead

Working with Global Tech Collective were excellent from start to finish. A very knowledgeable company who have a great personal approach to recruitment. I landed my ideal developer position thanks to them and couldn't recommend their services highly enough.

Junior Developer

I recently started to search for work having taken some time out to be with my young children and working on other short projects. John contacted me about a role. He was very affable, open and very different to other recruiters and agencies. John was very easy to talk to and was genuinely interested in my individual needs as a working mother, rather than a billable client. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with John, he is diligent, passionate and genuinely listens to the needs of both project and consultant. I would highly recommend Global Tech Collective.

SAP Business Change Manager

Looking for a new role isn’t always easy and John was extremely good at making sure the process was as pressure free and enjoyable as possible. He was invested in not only making sure that I was going to be a good fit for client, but that it was 100% going to be the right move for me as well. He was very knowledgeable about the role, company and expectations which helped progress things quickly and provided me with confidence in his friendly and efficient approach. You can tell that he is genuinely passionate about what he does which in turn provides the best service and support possible. I would highly recommend working with John going forward and will be certainly staying in touch.

Business Transformation Consultant

After struggling to find a suitable opportunity over a period of months and dealing with recruiters who didn’t seem to understand my ambitions, I was fortunate enough to have been contacted by John. Not only did he take the time to fully understand what I was looking for he did so in a friendly and personable way. In doing so, he identified the perfect opportunity and then worked tirelessly to ensure I was fully prepared and supported, even working weekends to do so as the interview was short notice. Upon the interview concluding, it was clear John is an excellent recruiter as the opportunity couldn’t have been a better match and I excitedly accepted the role. Afterwards, he stayed in contact to ensure there were no issues with onboarding and we have spoken several times since to ensure I am settling in well. All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a more competent, friendly and supportive recruiter.

Business Transformation Consultant

I’ve worked with John for many years and he has consistently fulfilled any requirements I may have had. He is a dedicated professional who always goes above and beyond to meet his client’s needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Global Tech Collective for this very reason. Keep up the great work.

SAP Training Manager

John is one of the most talented recruiters I have come across in recent times. He made the whole recruiting process comfortable by being very communicative and punctual throughout. He even took the time to make sure I was settling in well and enjoying my new role. Working with John has been a real pleasure.

VoIP Engineer

The whole experience, from first introductions to accepting the offer, has been professional and personable and it’s felt like you’ve not only operated with the interests of your client in mind but you've wanted the best outcome for all parties. I’ve found you to be someone of his word, if you’ve said you’ll call you have done so and communications throughout have been exemplary. I cannot thank you enough for what I consider to have been an exceptional experience. Thank you for your tailored approach - you’re a credit to the profession.

Business Change Lead

"What I like about working with John and Global Tech Collective is that he takes the time to understand our exact requirements for candidates and does all the hard work of finding ones that are a good fit. Unlike my experience with agencies who will send endless CV’s for candidates which I then have to work through. We were recently looking to recruit two Senior Learning Designers. John narrowed into what we needed, found us two potential candidates both of whom we ended up employing. He took the time to really listen and understand our needs. He was also really supportive and helpful throughout the recruitment process. I would definitely use Global Tech Collective first for my recruitment needs, rather than going to agencies, in the future."

Team Manager, Global Consulting Firm

"This is my first role in the contract market and I secured it thanks to John. From the beginning of the process when I was seeking a new role through to being recruited, John kept me informed throughout the whole process. John was very knowledgeable about the role and most importantly listened to my requirements as well. I would have no hesitation in going to John in the future, his professionalism and willingness to listen and maintain communications throughout is key to his success. Thank you, John!"

SAP Trainer

I strongly recommend John as a recruitment consultant. He is professional, efficient and in my experience, worked with some tight deadlines that other recruitment agencies have not been able to match. John made the whole process quick and easy with frequent updates, great communication and organisation. I look forward to working with John in the future.

SAP Instructional Designer

John provides a different experience and service. He is proactive and sources candidates of very high quality. His insight into the different role requirements and his ability to make candidates 'on paper' come alive is refreshing. He is great at managing the candidate experience throughout, making it easy for the hiring manager and engaging for participants. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Head of Talent-Management Consulting Firm

After dealing with a number of recruitment agencies over the years, John has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is clearly very knowledgeable about his clients, candidates and the full recruitment process and what to expect. Very supportive from start to finish, giving excellent advice on what the company was looking for, and has a way of relaxing candidates prior to an interview. John remained professional and extremely flexible when helping me find my next role and I can't thank him enough for all the help he has provided. I'd highly recommend John to any one looking to fill a vacancy / find a new role.

Project Coordinator

One of the most efficient, professional and helpful recruiters I’ve worked with. Thank you John.

SAP Instructional Designer

"John exceeded all my expectations of a recruitment agent to place me in my current role. Not only did he very carefully select people to put forward, so that both sides of the equation were a match, he acted as a mentor throughout the process, talking through my goals. I would highly recommend John for his thoughtful, warm and diligent approach."

Senior Learning Designer

“What stands out with John is that he has a knack of knowing the exact sort of person we are after, so rather than him just read a job spec, he takes a lot of time to ask the right questions, to eek out not just the skills and experience we want, but the right fit for our organisation."

Director, SAP Silver Partner Consultancy

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with John in a past life and have always considered him to be a very capable individual in his field.

Since he placed me in my current role I’ve now had experience of this first hand.

John was extremely professional at all times and only made contact with me to discuss new opportunities that were a perfect match. He took the time to explain all aspects of the role and was able to provide me with constructive feedback and actionable advice when it came to preparing my CV.

I was impressed with how John was able to see how my versatile skill set could match with his client’s requirements and having struggled to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for this was a valuable part of the experience and something that in my opinion puts John a level above his competitors.

Customer Success ManagerSAP Silver Partner Consultancy

"John Hawker is a professional in his field. Understanding the client’s requirement in detail and investing the time in researching an individual’s profile to find the right match. Given that approach it was no surprise to me that the rest of the process to engage with a client and qualify the opportunity was a breeze. I highly recommend John Hawker and I will personally stay in close contact into the future as I’m certain we will find more opportunities."

Data Migration Lead

"The great thing about John and Global Tech Collective... is John! All the way through the recruitment process, he took the time to not only understand my career requirements but also me as a person ensuring that the role was a perfect fit all round. From the initial call to my first day and beyond, I feel very lucky to have had John's support and advice and I highly recommend him and Global Tech Collective to anyone looking to take on a new adventure. He absolutely rocks!"

Senior Learning Designer

John really listens to what his candidates are looking for and ensures that he finds the right position for them. I can’t fault John for his professionalism, his approach and his attention to detail in finding a role that was right for me, and I am loving my new job. I would have no hesitation in recommending John.

Payroll Implementation Consultant

"A colleague recommended John Hawker at Global Tech Collective to assist us in searches for some contractors with quite specific skillsets, where I had been struggling to find suitable candidates. John took the time to discuss our quite specific requirements, learn about the company culture and our team ways of working before providing a very strong short list of candidates. From provision of candidates, to interview, negotiation of contracts and post appointment follow up, the process is managed professionally, with humour and without a hard sell (thankfully!). If you have resourcing needs for a technical or business project, I would definitely recommend John / GTC as your recruitment partner."

Business Transformation Director

"I first approached John in response to a position I had seen advertised. On speaking with John however, he took the time to gain a full understanding of the type of role and organisation I sought. From this he was able to advise that the initial position of interest may not be well suited, and instead directed me to an alternative position (and business) that would better fit my skills and aspirations. John's advice ultimately resulted in a job offer and I've been in post for a month and am very happy in my new role. I'm very thankful to John for taking the time to thoroughly understand my aims and aspirations and for his input and guidance in helping me find the right position."

Agile Project Manager

"Working with John is like working with an extension of your own organisation, it is so seamless in terms of cultural fit and gaining an understanding of what is needed. John is a pleasure to work with, communication is excellent and timeliness to respond is first class. John’s knowledge of the industry is superb and he will always keep me updated with progress, challenges and give an honest opinion of what I am asking for. Having worked with many recruiters, I cannot recommend John highly enough."

Lead Consultant

"As a candidate working with Global Tech Collective it was one of the best recruitment processes I have ever experienced! It's clear John isn't just trying to find candidates to fill a role, he is focused on the best fit for both role, company and individual! John is an absolute testament to his profession. He was friendly, supportive, and very diligent with excellent communication working to an extremely high standard. He demonstrated a strong understanding and empathy for both the company he was recruiting on behalf of and myself as a candidate. John not only took the time to understand my skills, experience, and knowledge but also my needs and my aspirations. Once successful John’s dedication and support did not stop there and he continued to be a pillar of support throughout. I would highly recommend Global Tech Collective to candidates and companies alike."

Business Change and Process Specialist