Tech recruitment

on a human level

Global Tech Collective understands people, whether it’s helping businesses find their next hire or individuals looking for that life-changing move. This is recruitment at its most collaborative.

I understand what drives people. I take the time to get to know the very best professionals out there, finding what makes them tick. In other words, I align you with businesses that will complement your skills and personality, as well as support your aspirations.

Looking for a job?


What makes GTC different?

My reputation for putting the right people in the right roles means the end result is not just another placement; it’s ensuring the candidate fits the environment. This is tech recruitment on a human level, and that’s something I’m proud to achieve daily.

When it comes to clients, at GTC, I partner with businesses and invest time and energy into fully understanding how they work and who should work for them.

I bring a decade’s worth of experience and people knowledge to the table, covering a wide range of roles in the ERP space and beyond, from placing individuals to building start-up teams from scratch.