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Global Tech Collective is nothing without you, the experts within your field. My goal is to find you the perfect role to fit your skillset, personality, ambitions, and values.

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I know tech inside out, which gives me an edge when supporting you to find your next move.

How it works


When you send your CV to me or apply for a role, you will always hear back from me. I never leave applicants hanging; it’s not my style.


I will always give you feedback because I believe it’s essential in the job application process—every step of the way.


You’ll have one point of contact throughout the whole process. This not only makes the application journey less painful, it means I have the opportunity to truly understand what drives you.


I don’t believe in filling roles for the sake of it. If I don’t think you’ll fit the environment, I won’t put you forward for the position. Likewise, if I can envisage you slotting into it seamlessly, I will let the client know this. It’s got to be worth it for everyone involved.