What’s your biggest weakness?

August 2022


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The question “What’s your biggest weakness?” in an interview is enough to make even the most confident candidate sweat.

If you listen to my advice one time only (lol, as if) let it be this:

DON’T humblebrag!

You know what I’m talking about.

When you say “I tend to work too hard…” or “If anything I’m too organised!

This happens a lot. But here’s the thing. It comes across as insincere, even if it’s true.

Here’s some ideas of what you can say instead when they ask you "What's your biggest weakness?"

Focus on a situation that was particularly challenging for you that you overcame - perhaps you lacked confidence in your ability and then pushed through and made a success of the situation. You’re giving a positive spin without the brag.

Maybe you ask a lot of questions in the workplace? Talk about that. It isn’t a bad thing. If the interviewer is decent, they’ll allow you to expand, and you can talk about how you just like to know what’s what before embarking on a task.

Humblebrags are a missed opportunity to sell yourself.

It’s fair enough that interviewers ask it, but be smart about how you answer. Have a couple of examples in the bag before the interview so you’re ready to bust them out if the time comes.

This kind of prep can make you stand out, and means you won’t give a typical answer, which is always positive when you want the edge over other candidates.

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