Are you maximising your LinkedIn profile to its full potential?

July 2020


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Why are you not seeing results but other people are? What are the tricks to maximising your LinkedIn profile?

Our Founder and Lead Recruiter John Hawker caught up with LinkedIn’s Senior Account Executive Kyle Dunnington, to discuss how in an increasingly competitive environment, it is still possible to be seen by the right people, at the right time, and make the biggest impact.

We see this type of content all the time, right? Posts pitching the best advice for how you can maximise your online presence, increase your LinkedIn output, and ultimately, find a new job or work your way up in the one you have. But, be honest, how often do you give it a try and are quickly deterred if you do not see results in the first few days? The cruel mistress that is social media has instilled a fear in us that if we post something online and we only receive a few likes or clicks, then we have failed miserably.

For many, that is enough to make us put our foot on the brake and decide that LinkedIn just isn’t for us. But LinkedIn requires consistency. It demands a detailed, tailored approach and a clear plan as to how you are going to get the most out of the platform. You need a marketing plan for your own career!

Think of LinkedIn as your direct connection to everyone else in your industry. Looking for a new job is not the only reason you should make your presence known online and that is what John and Kyle discuss in this webinar. If Covid-19 has achieved anything, it is the new demand for visibility. To the dismay of the professionals who have never had to rely on a LinkedIn profile to find work or boost their credibility, it can be daunting. However, your experience and knowledge are entirely different from someone else in the same role as you, because it has your spin to it. Information like that is extremely valuable on LinkedIn.

For the newbies and those who forgot they had even signed up to the platform, you will be pleased to know you do not have to be a creative marketing genius to produce a dynamic and engaging profile. Your goal should never be to copy someone else but simply reflect the industry you work within by highlighting your voice and opinions.

So, what can you expect to learn and see discussed in this webinar?

  • You should never forget the basics; how should you approach filling out your profile?
  • Let’s get down to the finer details; what keywords and techniques will help you tailor what you see and who sees you?
  • Your LinkedIn profile should be treated as your second CV; how often should you be updating it?
  • For most of us, we only ask for references when applying for a new role; that has to change!
  • Content. What is too little? What is too much? What should you even say?!

Over the following weeks, we will be releasing exclusive insights to our very own LinkedIn platform. That’s right, John and the GTC pages are also taking note of this information! The best thing about LinkedIn, it celebrates individual and company goals to share new knowledge and opinions. So, what can you bring to the table?

View the full webinar video right here.

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