Client Services

If you’ve found your way to this page then you may have already identified a skills shortage within your organisation.

Whether that’s down to a new project that requires talent your business doesn’t have, natural attrition or extended sick/maternity leave you’ll be looking to work with an agency that can secure you the best candidates whilst acting as a true brand ambassador for your company.

Global Tech Collective offers clients the opportunity to develop a strong, durable relationship with a true recruitment partner through the use of exclusive and retained services. 

Look, I know it’s early days but, I’d like to be exclusive

Everyone knows that the best relationships are formed on the basis of trust, loyalty and understanding. In a candidate driven market, working with an agency that is wholeheartedly committed to securing the best talent out there is key to the successful implementation, upgrade or support of your tech solution.

By engaging GTC’s services you are gaining a specialist recruitment partner that have an intuitive understanding of your specific tech needs. In addition, GTC will commit to learn about your company values, your mission statement, the type of culture you have or are trying to create and what the right person for your business looks like.

What you can expect from GTC.

A True Brand Ambassador

GTC develop a deep understanding of your organisation and make sure the candidates know just how amazing your business is. Think of GTC as your own Talent Acquisition team.

Dedicated Account Manager

No being passed from pillar to post. People are the key to forming relationships and you’ll be working with an experienced professional who will support your recruitment needs every step of the way.

Transparency, honesty and an ethical approach to getting the job done

No hidden fee’s. No monster margins. No cowboy salesman. No reason not to get in touch.

Credible relationships with quality tech talent

There is no point engaging with an agency if candidates don’t want to work with them. The GTC network has been formed over years of building professional relationships with the best tech talent in the market.

Quality Assurance

The guarantee that you’ll never receive more than 3 CV’s for a qualified vacancy. In engaging with a specialist, why would you expect anything less?

Expert Market Insight and reports

I know the markets inside out. Whether you’re looking for support setting salary bands or day rates, insight into what the talent pool for certain skills looks like in your area or advice on which competitors you’re up against, at GTC I have got you covered.

The right people for your business

Ultimately, the end goal is to secure the right person for your role but a big part of the destination is the journey. Engage GTC as your recruitment partner and receive a high quality service that sees you bring in the talent you need in the smoothest way possible.

Get in touch to learn more about the specialist technology recruitment services GTC provide across SAP, Workday and MS Dynamics.