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A reminder to stop applying for jobs at the weekend

Here’s a quick reminder that if you’re thinking about spending some of your weekend applying for new jobs… DON’T!

I know the temptation is strong: you’ve hated your work week and you’ve finally got time to focus on an application, but don’t do it.

It’s likely that your application made on a weekend will get lost in somebody’s inbox and by Monday morning there’ll be other stuff detracting from it.

Here’s how to utilise your weekend downtime MUCH better, aside from watching Strictly (no? Just me?) and doing the Big Shop.

  • Set up a job search Trello board. Don’t know what I’m on about? Watch this video I made.
  • Start following anyone in the talent acquisition team at the dream company you want to work for
  • Set up job alerts on LinkedIn or any of the other job boards you use

Taking time to plan your approach towards a new job is only going to help you on your way.