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  1. No summary section or personal statement

    This is the ideal opportunity to summarise your experience and show the recruiter or hiring manager the kind of opportunity you’re looking for. Leaving it off means you’re automatically putting yourself on the back foot.

    Your summary or personal statement is your immediate way to elevator pitch yourself. Don’t leave it off!
  1. Spending too long describing irrelevant roles from 10yrs ago

    Is this level of detail required, interesting, or even relevant for this role? No? Then don’t go on about it. Please. Sounds harsh but I’m doing you a favour.

    Remember that we all have the attention spans of goldfish (ooh, look, a TikTok notification), and we need our attention to be grabbed instantaneously. Don’t hide the good stuff on your CV amid irrelevant padding.
  1. Saying you’re looking for contract or permanent roles

    Tailor it for the specific role you’re applying for. Eg. is this a contract role? Say you’re looking for contract roles. Make them know you really want this role specifically.

    Sounds like too much effort? Cmon. This is your next role – if you want people to make the effort to read your CV, do the work to give yourself the best shot.