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There is a running joke in the recruitment industry that HR and recruiters have not always had the best of relationships. Communication is constant during the hiring process but from that point on, contact ceases to exist until the next hire is needed. It is not surprising that some recruiters gain a bad rep for not investing further time into their relationships with clients when it can sometimes feel like both sides are using each other to get what they want.

Admittedly, there is an element of that which is true. But between the agency and the client is a candidate who is taking a step in their career that impacts every aspect of their life. They have been given their start date, turned up to meet the team and the receptionist looks at them blankly, unaware that they should be starting. The candidate calls the recruiter, confused as to whether they were given the right start date and this proceeds to turn into a first day of being passed from pillar to post, being introduced to numerous departments while in the background IT are setting up your logins and your line manager is pulling together a plan for your first week.

It is easy to point the blame at that stage, but in fact, if HR and the recruitment agency had worked together more closely, both with the end goal of ensuring the candidate felt welcomed and supported, perhaps the alarming stat that a third of new starters start looking for a new job in their first 12 months could be decreased. With the demand for a virtual onboarding alternative, these hurdles need to be met with actionable solutions that are kept as a priority, regardless to whether we stay working from home or not. The last thing anyone wants is for a crucial hire’s start date to be pushed back because they cannot log on remotely to start their work. Even more so, for the credibility of the recruiter or client to be damaged.

I came across Becky Neale’s profile in July and the first post that caught my attention proposed her top tips a company needs to consider in order to improve their onboarding process. It is steps that perhaps have crossed the mind of a hiring manager or HR team but have never manifested or tips that have never been considered in the first place. In this webinar, I sit down with Becky for an honest and insightful discussion about the pitfalls of not investing time and planning into creating an onboarding process that helps you to retain talent instead of driving it away.