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How many of you have found it difficult to establish a routine this year? It is an entirely different ballgame when you have the added distractions of home life to contend with, let alone adjusting to the other changes going on around you. (Yes, it is unprecedented … there we said it!)

The best thing about this webinar? It covers such a vast range of topics all centred and linked to productivity. Dan Osman is a Wellbeing Educator and John Hawker, Founder and Tech Talent Scout here at GTC.

They both have a genuine interest in this subject, having tried and tested many ways in which to create a productive, tailored system that works for them. Perhaps a tip in this video is exactly what you need to allow for more time in which you can focus on yourself and those around you.

There is no such thing as a perfect balance for every aspect of your life, but a lot more can be accomplished when handled effectively. How can you ensure as time progresses these changes are long-term solutions, not just quick fixes that lose their charm?

Check out the full webinar in this blog and follow our GTC company page for bite-sized insights, not just from this webinar, but much more.

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