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Everyone’s talking about them and they’re now, more than ever, a fundamental part of keeping recruitment processes running.

So as a candidate, how can you make sure you’re prepared for them? Whether live or pre-recorded, we’ve got some tips to make sure you create the best impression.

1. Lights, Camera, Action

You can make do with the camera on your laptop, phone or tablet but a decent webcam will ensure you look professional and presentable.

Be mindful of lighting and try and place your camera at a good angle, preferably looking slightly down towards you. No matter how good looking you are we can all look a bit Ricky Gervais when a camera is pointing upwards.

2. Don’t be that guy

You know, that guy, Professor Robert Kelly. If you are going to be that guy make sure you’re recording it cause that sh!t was hilarious. Seriously though, think about your surroundings and what’s in the camera frame. Keep your background as neat, neutral and inoffensive as possible.

3. Testing, Testing, 123

No matter how strong your internet connection, how reliable the battery life on your laptop or how confident you are you’ve got your microphone settings just right…test them. Slow internet speed can be a big problem and if you’re interviewing with a client who are tight on time, you’re unlikely to get a second chance to make a first impression

4. Do Not Disturb! Filming in progress

Whilst I’m not sure Professor Kelly putting a note on the door would have stopped his legend of a daughter bursting into his office, with the current situation meaning you’re likely to have a full house, a sign on the door wouldn’t go amiss. Got a dog that barks?…get them outside. Waiting on a shipment of hand sanitizer?…put a note on the door to leave it with a neighbour (one you can trust obvs). All applications on your computer should be closed and it goes without saying that your phone should be on silent with the vibrate feature switched off.

5. Dress the part

Look, no one likes mooching around the house in a onesie more than me but there’s a time and a place. Dress exactly as you would for an in-person interview. That doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a suit. If you’re unsure what the company dress code is ask your recruiter or if dealing with a company directly you can always send an email to HR. If in doubt, smart casual is always the answer.

6. Body Language

Body language is magnified a lot when you’re the only one in the frame so try not to fidget or move around in your seat too much. Posture is something to think about too so whilst you might spend most of your day sat in your chair like Quasimodo, sit as straight as you can without looking like you’ve got a broom stick somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Ok, you’re all set. For more advice, tips and tricks on preparing for a video interview feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy the awesomeness of Professor Robert Kelly and his incredible family showing everyone how not to do it 😃👇

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