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If the answer that pops into your head is any of the following…

  • Not very
  • I haven’t given it any thought
  • Not sure
  • Why am I reading this when there are pictures of office dogs I could be looking at?

…then this post is for you (OK, maybe not the office dog fans).

The answer that should be at the forefront of your mind is very. If you are using recruitment agencies to assist with the attraction of people to your business then the role they play in promoting your company brand is VERY important.

How the standard recruitment model could be damaging your brand…

When it comes to promoting your brand, adopting the standard, or contingent, recruitment model is, in my opinion, fundamentally flawed.

Whilst the perceived benefits for you as a client tend to be any or all of the following;

  • No Win/ No Fee
  • Quick turnaround of CV’s
  • Lower Cost

there is very little upside for the candidates you’re about to unleash your chosen agencies onto.

Aside from a potential lack of quality, having multiple contacts to deal with from different agencies, dealing with disputes about candidate representation and finding the time it takes to review however many CV’s have been submitted, from your perspective, there might be minimal downside; but what’s happened behind the scenes?

What did the candidates, especially those that didn’t secure the role, experience during this recruitment campaign?

How are they left feeling about your brand?

Contingent recruitment- a potential brand destroyer?

Contingent recruitment, especially in niche markets, often means multiple agencies working against each other to gain representation of people in a relatively small talent pool.

Whilst on the surface clients see CV’s submitted quickly, they’re often unaware of the following;

  • Candidates receiving multiple calls in a short space of time from different Recruitment Consultants
  • Minimal information about the role and your company being shared due to fear that this information might make it’s way into the hands of a competitor
  • Recruitment Consultants attempting to put off skilled candidates from progressing with an application through another agency often at the expense of the client’s reputation
  • A lack of communication between agency and applicant following an application, with the client often being blamed
  • A failure to update the applicant once the role has been filled

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been approached about a role with your company and ask yourself what opinion you’d form about a business if the recruitment process was carried out in this way?

The agencies you work with and the way they conduct themselves is a direct reflection of your company and the contingent recruitment model does nothing to ensure your brand is promoted in the right way and its impact on your ability to attract talent can last longer than you’d expect.

The Brand Ambassadors

Agencies that do a good job promoting your company brand are the unsung hero’s of the industry.


  • Conduct themselves professionally when engaging with your target market.
  • Extol (yes I said extol) the virtues of your business; it’s culture, vision and values after investing time to learn about them.
  • Are able to articulate what you’re looking when speaking with candidates due to a specialism in a specific vertical
  • Give a detailed overview of your hiring process and set realistic expectations of when feedback should be expected

These ambassadors will promote your organisation in the right way and even after an intense period of hiring (often caused by an internal skills shortage ahead of a project or programme) your brand will be as strong as it ever was. Relationships where you can expect this level of service are often exclusive or retained and valued by companies that respect the role an agency plays in the attraction of talent.

Your recruitment partner should act as an extension of your company and reflect your own values.

So, are you currently measuring how your brand is being promoted by the agencies you’re working with? If you’re not, then perhaps it’s time to start…